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Power Bank and Cable


Model NO.: XH-UWH-001
Product: USB cup warmer HUB
Style: round
Size: 100*100*20mm
Ports: 4 USB ports (output)
Color: silver
Material: metal + plastic
Interface: 2.0 (also can do 3.0)
Application: cup warmer, phone, tablet, mouse, USB drive, HDD, Bluetooth speaker, etc.
    1) Product size: 100*100*20mm
    2) Product net weight: 90g  
    3) Ports: 4 USB port 
    4) USB version: USB 2.0, also can work for USB 1.1
    5) Material: metal + plastic
    6) Built in current protection
    7) Cup warmer
    8) Automatic protection when overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, or short circuit   
    9) Support hot plug and unplug
    10)Color: silver
    11)Packaging: PE bag, blister or color box

    MOQ: 2000pcs

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